Sep. 24th, 2011

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When I was seven (I know this because I remember the library I was sitting in when I read it), I read a book entitled Don't Open This Box. It's about a boy that gets a parcel with a tag that says not to open the box, and he wrestles with the temptation for most of the book, until finally succumbing, and opening it, and inside is a copy of a book entitled Don't Open This Box.

If you happened to be sitting in the library at the time, you might have heard a little "Kapow!" which would have been the sound of my mind exploding a little at my first introduction to the concept of infinity. It left such an impression on me, that I still remember trying to get my mind around the contents of last page and realizing that it was just beyond the bounds of my comprehension.

I looked for it recently, and discovered that it is out of print. I also found an image of the cover online, and the illustrations are terrible. It occurred to me that it might be neat if the book were reissued with really good illustrations.

I wonder how one would go about orchestrating something like that? I can't imagine writing to the octogenarian author to tell him that I love his book, but think his illustrations leave a lot to be desired, so could he please work on getting it reissued, but for heavens sake, get some decent illustrations! I've done a little poking around online (and discovered that Shaun Tan, whose work I LOVE doesn't collaborate with other authors anymore), but the publishing world is very mysterious to me.


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