Jul. 24th, 2011

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It's summer, and I feel like being entertained. I want to watch some really good comedies between now and September.

I'm a pretty easy to please person as far as my taste in comedy goes. I like witty, as well as juvenile humour. I like dark comedy, but I'm looking for laugh out loud funny this time around. Please, lay your best suggestions on me.

Stuff I love:

Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock, stand up routines - Yes, they're crude, but I don't mind crude humour as long as it's actually funny

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Funny the first time around, but I couldn't laugh at it twice.

Muriel's Wedding - I think it was the same director as Strictly Ballroom, which also had some really good moments

The Full Monty - had me almost peeing from laughing so hard

A Fish Called Wanda - another laughing out loud classic

The Jerk and Bowfinger- yes, I have an incredibly juvenile sense of humour

Johnny Stecchino - a situational comedy. It was dull in spots, but had several really funny worthwhile moments


Rushmore - this is probably one of my top fifteen favorite movies - comedy or otherwise

There's something about Mary

Most movies with Jim Carey

Exit Through the Gift Shop - I don't know if this is a hoax or not, and it doesn't matter - it was really funny

Stuff I loathe:

National Lampoon's Vacation movies

Animal House or the college frat/teenagers trying to lose their virginty a la American Pie genre

Most Adam Sandler movies

The Big Lebowski - I don't know why I don't like this one. People that know my taste think I should like it, but I just don't.


John Candy movies

The Austin Powers sequels

South Park, The Simpsons, and Family Guy - yes, I know these aren't movies, but they are comedies, and they most definitely not up my alley

40 Year Old Virgin

The Heartbreak Kid - new version with Ben Stiller

Stuff that I didn't exactly hate, but didn't find particularly funny either:

Napoleon Dynamite
Wayne's World
The First Austin Powers movie
Knocked Up
The Royal Tennenbaums
Most Woody Allen comedies


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