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With a new baby on the way, it was time to increase my life insurance.

When the nurse came over to take my blood etc., she had no idea that I'm the agent as well as the client. It was a comedy of errors from the time she stepped in the door. She pulled out her package of vials, she exclaimed "What the heck?!" She then proceeded to call a friend (presumably from the same company) to let her know that she had this friend's samples. I was pretending to be immersed in making cereal for the kids, but I was actually listening with great interest as she gave the friend the client's name and address, and had a discussion about how her friend was going to proceed. It sounded something like this, "Well, then call the client and tell him that you found it, there's no point in making an extra trip...well, who did you talk to at the company?...why did you tell them you broke it...oh, okay well then why not wait a couple of days and then just send it in, they'll think you went back for another sample...of course they're not going to call the client, it will be fine...okay, sure I'll get these to you later today..."

All in all, she was sitting at my kitchen table for about ten minutes discussing this issue with her friend. Needless to say, I was already concerned about her lack of professionalism and common sense. Never mind the confused sample issue, why on earth would she have that conversation in front of me?!

So next, it was time for her to take my blood. My veins are admittedly on the small side, but seeing as how this is my third baby, I've had more than my fair share of blood work, and no one competent has ever had trouble finding my veins. Guess who had troubles. She couldn't find it at all. We moved from the kitchen table, to the couch. After we put a hot cloth on my arm, she decided that yes! she had hit pay dirt. So, she went ahead to try and take the sample. Well, guess what? No blood. So, then she STIRRED THE NEEDLE AROUND IN MY ARM to try and hit the vein!!! Agggghhhh!!!! I'm not normally squeamish about needles, but I must say that it was particularly unpleasant - especially when she repeated the entire process, including the stirring, on the other arm. Still, no results. So now, I get to go to the lab to get the blood work completed (as though I don't have enough stuff to do already). I can only imagine how traumatic this would have been for someone that is actually needle phobic.

I have to call in and say something. Her conduct was too unprofessional to ignore, and she clearly lacks the experience to be able to draw blood consistently. I feel bad because she'll probably lose her job over this, but still...I can't have people like this showing up to take samples from my clients. They'll be horrified, and frankly, it will reflect poorly on me.


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