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If I ever mention that I’m going out with a big group of people to a dining establishment...STOP ME!!! I always swear that I’ll never do it again, and then I forget, and go ahead, and sure enough, I regret it. I HATE the fact that there are always one or two cheap bastards that ruin it for everyone.

To be honest, though, I think it should be standard practice with a big table to give separate bills. Not just sub-totals - completely separate bills. That would solve the problem for sure. I’m not saying that the server was at fault - it’s not her fault that there were assholes in the group that hid behind the numbers, and didn’t contribute a fair amount, I’m just suggesting that on a large group, seperate bills should be automatic.

And while we’re on the subject, I worked in a couple of nightclubs when I was in university, and in one of them the managers actually explained that part of their pricing scheme included some consideration of people’s tipping habbits. It’s something that I always make note of now, and I wonder sometimes if eating establishments even give a shit about their employees when they price something with tax that comes to $18.85. Many people will just plunk down down $20, and be on their way. Whereas if the total came to let’s say, $16.85, or $17.05, most people would probably still plunk down the twenty, but the server would be left with a better tip. If the establishment were even to bump the price up a bit to $21.05, many people would probably leave $25, and the server would still be in a better position. Yes, there are guidelines on how much to tip, or not tip, and everyone has their own version, but it has been my experience that people just like to leave a nice round amount.


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